He's in love with me already but I'm not in love with him. Is this relationship doomed?

Been only a few weeks to a month.

He's in love with me already. I am so not even close to being serious with him yet.
We are in a relationship.

Is this doomed?


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  • No, it could be well on it's way if you do not do something quickly though. If he is truly falling for you then after a while there is a good chance he's going to get aggravated/embarrassed when the feelings are not reciprocated. If you think there is a potential you may feel the same at some point and want the relationship to continue talk to him. Communication is the key always, explain to him not that you don't feel the same but that things are going a lot faster than you would like. Tell him that from being hurt in the past it takes time to really let your guard down. It's not taking the blame or blaming him, neither of which would be good. Tell him that if he does feel that way he will respect how you feel and go slow, taking the time to let things move slowly. If he starts trying to explain how you don't need to feel that way with him or makes excuses he's too clingy or is more concerned with himself, which in my opinion means time to move on. It's easy for that type of convo to go bad fast, so thing of how you feel is appropriate to tell him before hand. If it's just killing things for you or you just feel it's time to cut your losses you should sooner rather than later. If you dump him do it the right way though because it's going to be a lot harder for him.

    • Thank you for this. I think though that he has beyond fallen for me. Like he loves me to death practically. It's just too mucj

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  • Maybe not. Just tell him that you don't feel the same way yet, that way he doesn't get the wrong idea.

    my ex bf said that he loved me almost 3-4 months before I loved him back. It was a little difficult at first, but it's better than saying something you don't mean.

    • Yes definitely I don't want to say anything I don't mean. I feel this is moving very fast. Was that relationship moving too fast and is that why it ended?

    • No, it actually ended because he cheated on me. He lives back in my home country and I found out about a month before moving back to be with him, that he cheated on me with some random girl. Good thing I found out before packing up and leaving my current life behind!!

      Taking it too fast can be a problem for some people, you just have to learn to slow it down a bit and go steady until the time is right.

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  • i believe it would be better if you stayed friends for the time being


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  • It's not doomed, just because his feelings have developed a lot faster than yours, all though eventually you two if it goes on- will have to find a common ground, it's only been a few weeks after all, everything is so fresh and new, give it more time you might just fall too.

  • I don't know
    I like to give things time.
    He might just be insecure, even needy.
    Maybe let him know you're not at that level of interest, just yet
    See how things go, especially if you see any potential


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