Do guys make fun of your friends whenever their crush passes by?

There's this guy that walks with his friends and like 3 times that I have passed by I can hear his friends saying (oh look your girlfriend) and I have heard that a few times lol and he just keeps quiet and keeps on walking? So do. You guys tease your friends? do you want it to make it obvious so the girl knows that the guy likes her? Or do you guy just want to make fun of your friend? Lol


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  • I'm getting teased everyday of the week by my friends haha! Even when my crush is not there, just to piss me off... But yeah, if she passes in any of our field of vision, they tease me any way they can, telling me she's there.

    • Haha that sucks! How do you even tell them who you like? How does the conversation start? I'm curious lol

    • My crush is friend with my friends GF, so i once told one of my friend I thought my crush was cute and everything started there, now she probably knows haha

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  • I mean, guys are jerks, they'll do anything to embarrass their friends.

  • My friends get me all the time with stuff like this. Several times they've "needed to talk to me somewhere private" and ended up walking me almost straight into her. It's frustrating, the little douchebags.

    • Hahaha what kind of things do they tell you to tease you?

    • They make references to it, no matter what I'm talking about.
      They'll shout something stupid, her name, or an inside joke.
      They joke about asking her out or something similar (Isn't as funny/doesn't really bother me)

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