How to be a more attractive guy?

Im not talking about looks that you can't change (nose, ears, eyes, face shape). Im talking about things like personality, posture, style, behavior, etc. What makes a guy more attractive?


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  • 1. Standing up for yourself and what you believe in.
    2. Being kind and selfless when they genuinely need it but having enough self-respect to say to someone to fuck off if they are trying to use you (a nice guy in most situations, and a morally correct arse hole in some situations).
    3. Being confident, dont advertise your weakness e. g. my ex bf used to literally say 'As you can see, Im not very good at this at that' or 'Are you even attracted to me?'. Bloody hell, no I dont see that you're bad, and Im on a bloody date with you, so of course Im bloody attracted to you!! Dont ask a girl to be your ego nurse maid (sorry about the rant).
    4. Is unimpressed by me at first, before he makes a judgement of me, he'd take care to get to know and let me show him that I am worthy of being respected, I like it when a guy doesn't just give his respect and love like a lollipop stick to random strangers who may not deserve it.
    5. Has ambitions and goals
    6. Has the self-discipline to keep working towards achieving these goals.
    7. isn't afraid to fail
    8. Works out and keeps a healthy lifestyle

    Thats pretty much ideal


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  • basically if there's one thing you can't change is your personality.

    a behavior... try to NOT act like a creeper of course

    • True you can't really change your personality... i guess what i meant by that was things like showing confidence 👍good catch

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  • Well in my opinion, a guy is attractive if he's confident, but not to cocky. So for example, he walks with good posture, not puffing his chest out severely, but a little bit, and tries to smile. Guys who are out-there and don't act insecure are attractive. To fix up style, I suggest you go onto YouTube or maybe tumblr or social media and look up things like men's fashion to get an idea on what to wear. Shopping online is fun and cool because you can really buy original things without getting carried away. Just be yourself, as trite as that sounds, and don't act stupid and shallow.


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