I'm so confused please help?

There's this guy I liked (it always starts like that lol) and we've been friends for a little over half a year. Ever since we met we've texted constantly. But now he's become friends with new people. He dropped the art class we were in together and I think he thought I was mad because he didn't talk to me for a while. He's texted me twice, he started the conversation but didn't reply.
I kinda made sure to let him know I wasn't mad, I playfully hit him while I walked by in the hallway today and I told him we haven't talked for a while and he's like "so? Bye." (He said this jokingly) but then he said hi to my friend and was being nice to her.
I thought he liked me before, he teased me all the time and I caught him staring a few times. He still stares but doesn't really talk to me anymore. He's still mean to me when we actually do talk. It's the same as before it's just he doesn't really initiate anymore, it's like he's avoiding me. What does this mean? Please help I'm stressing out over this lol (pathetic, I know :P)


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  • cbb to read all that!


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