How to get a guy to be "that interested" in me?

I attract guys like there's no tomorrow. They're always staring, trying to ask me a lot of random questions to get me to talk to them, and I even had guys beg for my number. But that doesn't mean anything to me when it's not a genuine interest for me as a person.

I have no problem being myself because I'm always myself but it seems they never want to dig deeper to get to know me. It's like I'm attractive enough to say they know me but not attractive enough to actually get to know. I initiate conversations, and try to keep it going, make sure we stay on good terms. But it's all one-sided. If I make a curious comment they just jump to a conclusion and not even ask me "Why". I swear it's like they don't care at all about me.

I attract people girls and guys alike because I'm positive, confident, very funny, and creative but I don't really have too many guys that just want to meet me halfway.


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  • Personally I'm a narcisist, so you'd need to be a little forceful about sharing and talking about your interests. a lot of guy's just fake interest most of the time (a skill I should probably learn). I don't think anyone's going to be anywhere near as interested in your interests as you are (that's what makes them your interests), but you could always try to find people with similar interests to hang out with with.

    • It's not like I can't find friends. I can't find a boyfriend.
      But I've seen guys just act so enamored with girls that I know they don't have that much in common with so I don't understand it. We could have a lot but like I said they won't even fake trying to figure out.

      But that was a good tip to be forceful about sharing interests. I'm not I wait to be asked because that's what I do when I get to know people.

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