What percentage of the opposite sex can DOMINATE you?

Dominance is mostly mental, so in your PERSONAL experience what do you estimate?
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  • 25-50%
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  • 50-75%
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Only 5 votes? lol


Most Helpful Girl

  • I really only feel vulnerable around opposite sex when I have a crush... But once I got over that hump and made him my bf that disappeared:)

    • It's funny how most girls are saying under 5% when it's probably at least 50% or I don't know

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    • people play a part... thetes just no way of looking at a behavior and being able to truly detemine the personal experiemce. People can take on all sorts of behaviors if it seems to be beneficial. doesn't mean thats how they actuslly feel.

      Like , going to work and sucking up to the boss. ( not saying you do this it's just an example) when in reality you may think you're muvh more whatever than the boss and could run the company in circles around the boss... from 9-5 you play a part bc that's what ' pays'.

      We are a, l very complex and the veneer we show is often only 10% of the story.

      But now that you have explained your reasoning I can see why your expectations would be as they are. Many womdn DO talk a lot about the submissive. We just dk if thats truly how they absorb the world or if they are simply willing to tolerate playing that part as a matter of convenience. Like faking orgasms :)

      Then online or in anonymous settings they are free to truly express

    • Themselves and what comes out diesnt exactly match the verbosity smd it's confuding

      Or we hear what we are expecting or looking to hear and there are not so many women as we think referring to themselves as submissive and the percdntages in surveys don't a actually differ much from the general public.

      It's dificult getting a clear view on how orople feel bc feelings are often transient and context deoendent... as well bc there's deception going on on many levels including with ourselves.

      But I initislly thought yiur qyestion Intersting:> )

Most Helpful Guy

  • I'm only average intelligence.
    The way I see it as an estimate 50% of people are around average intelligence , 25% are above and 25% are below. So I'd say 25% of women can mentally dominate me.

    • Quite possible if you aren't referring to IQ specifically

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    • Cuz IQ has absolutely no connection with dominance. It could have a negative correlation though, in my experience

    • when you say dominate I was thinking just in a battle of the wits or in an argument not nessesarily agressivness. I can see how it's more than just IQ tho. Being smart is about IQ, Knowledge and Wisdom.

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  • Not without my permission

  • Zero point zero...

    • cool story

    • You don't find it " funny"

      That's funny.

    • He doesn't like Animal House... No one let him drink beet in college.

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