So my friend and I are were talking and sometimes she checks to see if the guy I like is looking at me ( he usually is lol ) and today?

she was looking over during lunch while we were talking and she saw him looking at me. she said that he noticed her looking so they made eye contact but then he just went back to looking at me even though he was caught! usually when he's caught he blushes and looks away, why didn't he this time? he could've at least stopped ( not that I really mind lol ) but if he's been caught then shouldn't that be EMBARASSING? and why does he look for so long, sometimes he looks for a full 30 seconds, like isn't that a bit excessive? he stares at me a lot, sometimes even when I'm right there, like 3 feet away from him, but were just not talking he'll be staring but he has to know I'll notice like what's his motive?


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  • the same motive you have for you to notice how long he is staring at you spnd time with him to act like your avoiding him


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