Why would a guy stare at a girl who looks pissed?

He keeps staring at me when I'm not looking, (when I look mad), what's up with that, honestly


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  • Maybe he's confused as to why you're mad and is trying to figure it out via observing you?

    • I look pretty intimidating when I'm mad, but why does he care?

      Is he into me or something?

      Strange guy. Makes me even more mad 90% of the time

    • No, he's not into you. I would stare at a girl too if she was mad without a reason I was aware of, probably try to figure out why because humans are by nature morbidly curious.

    • Also, I highly doubt you're very intimidating at all when mad. Most people just look annoyed when mad and I have no reason to think you're an exception.

  • "Please dont have a gun, please don't have a gun..."

    Only when you're mad?

    • Yup only when I'm mad.

      To be fair I do look quite scary when I'm mad

    • Show me a pic im curious now haha.
      I have 'resting asshole face' I look like I hate everyone.

      You stand out from the crowd because you're all pissy and everyone else (scenery) is fine, I assume. The actual reason behind which could be a ton of different ones, concerned, maybe tempted to ask whats up, or a ton of other ones.

      When people are pissy I usually just laugh. This British guy was yelling at a flagger for pointing which way for traffic to go, was great.

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