Is this something normal guy friends do, it was kinda of rude in the first place?

I was helping my guy friend (lets call him f) out with this paper he was writing today. Yesterday I had to do something else and I had told my mom I was hanging out with this other guy friend (g). That in itself is a long story. Tonight guy friend f asked me why I had told my mom I was hanging out with guy friend g. I told him because me and guy friend g are sorta friends. Guy friend f then started to ask me a ton of questions. He asked me if I had gone back to the dorm with this other guy, if I had made out with him, and whether I would date him. I answered his questions, but it was really weird and he kinda cut me off when I was going to say something about the other guy friend. Then guy friend f said hey you want to meet one of my friends. We went upstairs and it was this female friend, then he just started to get really close to her and touch her face. It was really awkward. We left and went back downstairs and he wanted to borrow my phone to listen to music and I was fine with that. His female friend came down and my friend just started to hug her and stuff like that then he was discussing his weekend plans with me right there. I think maybe they are dating, why didn't they talk about it when I wasn't in the room. Later, my dad happened to send a text and it required a yes or no answer and my friend asked me if he should answer and I said just write yes. Then he started to mention another text that i had sent to a friend and he said is this about me and i said no. Then I said why are looking at my message. Then I turned back to the computer and he asked me who had sent this one text to me and I said my sister and I asked are you looking at my messages and I turned around and he said no and showed me the screen. Whats the point in reading my messages? He has never done that before, but between that and his female friend and being extremely touchy-feely with her, I don't know what to say. Maybe this is normal guy behavior.
I forgot right when we were leaving the library, at the front desk a guy that had been in my orientation group was working there and we are sorta friends and I was making conversation with him. We walked out and my guy friend said so thats another one of your friends then.


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  • It seems like he really likes you, and he was trying to make you jealous. He got jealous of your friend named G.

    • Thanks! I see what you mean, though I still think he might be dating that female friend since he did say that Sunday would be good and to be ready at 11:30. He could have discussed those plans in private I guess though.

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    • Thanks, I think I might do that

    • What is really weird, is that I asked him about his "date" that he supposedly was going on. He had no idea what I was talking about and I said it had basically said that last week with his female friend. He said he must have been joking around. It's just so weird, he has no idea and I don't see how he can't remember anything since he was all over her.

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  • Immature and insecure... can't work. That's a controlling guy in the making

    • Thanks, I see what your saying.

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