Boyfriend keeps trying to get me to give him HJ's but I don't want to yet?

I've got a new boyfriend and he's my first serious one. The only other one I've had was when I was about 9 and that obviously wasn't serious. But still he's my new boyfriend and things are going well.
But every time we make out he always starts guiding my hand down his pants. I didn't know what he was really doing the first time he did it (I was ok caught up in the kissing part), but now I notice every time. I don't really want to do that yet and I've told him, but he says it'll be more fun if we just do extra (eventually he does say it's fine though)
This has only happened four time but I really don't want to. When we were makig out the other day he kept trying to take my panties off from under y skirt and I told him no. He sopped but he seemed kin of annoyed after and made an excuse as to why he had to leave. I felt really bad about that. I don't really want to do this yet, but I'm a virgin and he's not so I'm scared hell get bored with me and leave. I don't really know what to do


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  • I think you should talk to him, and tell him how you feel, some guys doesn't really understand because I have known girls that are virgins but will still do other things. You should tell him that you are just not ready to take that step and I know how you feel I'm a virgin myself and haven't done anything sexual and sometimes you will know he is not the one if he leaves you


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  • Keep standing your ground. Keep your virginity as long as you can. He seems to be going pretty fast. You can tell him you're not that kind of girl, or you'll let him know when you're comfortable moving on, or say you were sexually abused as a child and his advances make you uncomfortable?

    • I cut ally was molested as a child but I was too young to know what's happening, so it didn't really affect me at all. Also I dot want to lie to him, I like him.

  • How old are you and how long have you been dating?

    Do you see this as something you're not quite ready for, or something you're not ready for at this stage in life?

    • I'm 19. I guess it's something that I'm just not ready for. I'm okay with having sex before marriage, and I probably will, but right now it all seems fast for me. Like I said he's really my first boyfriend.

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    • There's no magic solution to this. He actually is moving reasonably slowly assuming you mean a month of being a couple not just talking or something.

      It's not that you should do something you don't want to do. It's that you're supposed to want to do it, and have him touch you. Unless you're not into him... Or you believe its wrong... Or you're struggling with comfort because of your past.

    • I guess it felt like he was moving fast because every girls I know who lost their virginity to the boyfriend only starte foolig aroud in month 4 and had sex at month six

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  • If he is worth it, he will not be the type of guy that will make you feel uncomfortable in order for you to give him pleasure. If he does not understand that you are not ready for this step, than he will not understand that you will not be ready for the next step. Just do not compromise yourself and do something you are not ready for because you are afraid he will get bored


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