I work with this guy I have liked for a long while, but he is really into one of our coworkers. He and I are really good friends and I care about him being happy so I was trying to help him get with her. We exchanged numbers one night to keep in contact about me coming to his house one weekend to hang out. When he texted me and he was having issues with the co-worker he was trying to get with and told me out of nowhere about all the stuff he and I had in common and that "we" couldn't be a better match. Is he trying to use me as a possible back up or rebound if the other coworker doesn't work out? Why would he say that if he really likes the other girl? I don't understand... Do any of you guys have an idea?


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  • Well if he was having issues with the co-worker, he was probably feeling a little bad and just thinking about life. He probably hasn't decided who he wants to be with and was thinking out loud to you to see what you thought. I don't think you are a rebound, I think he doesn't know what he wants yet


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