Why does he stare but won't speak?

I have this guy that I have a crush on and all he does is stare at me. He's whistled at me. Not perverted. Just to get my attention? When I turn around he's smiling so big. Of course I'm smiling to. Why does he just stare? Does he like me?
Is it because I'm unapproachable to talk to?
Another thing that he does if I'm laughing and smiling. He gets really close to hear what I'm laughing about. He's in my gym class in HS.


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  • I'd say it's a safe bet I remember a girl I liked and I'd look at her from across the room because she had beautiful eyes

    • Another thing that he does. If I'm laughing and smiling. He gets really close to me. So, he can hear what I'm laughing about

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    • Yes I have

    • See, then maybe you should make the first move

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  • My neighbors friend will do that. He comes over a lot. and whenever I'm outside he'll just stare and stare away (it gets kinda creepy). sometimes he'll wave or smile but he never says anything to me. I dont know whether its cause he's shy or just wants to keep it this way cause its more entertaining? I dont know.
    But this guy seems to be admiring you. And I do believe he has a little thing for you. So why don't you woman up and instigate a conversation?

    • I'm shy. He talked to me once. He said that he felt really bad for not remembering my name.

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  • Sometimes guys are too shy to go up and talk to you and shy guys usually just stare. He's probably nervous to talk to you. Try to start conversation with him!

    • He talked to me once. He had felt bad for not remembering my name

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