Why did he stop talking to me?

Me and this guy had been flirting back and forth for a while last semester. I was pretty sure he liked me. (He's not a player or a fuck boy. He's a nerd so it was easy to tell). Well next semester came and our classes changed. We sat by each other the first semester but now we don't have the class together. Now we only have one class and we sit no where near each other. So I guessed that he wanted an excuse to talk to me so he wouldn't come off too strong. Well after a couple weeks of us not talking he started giving me a glare almost when we made eye contact. Like he was pissed off. I became a lot more talkative and loud in the class we have together currently because I know more people in it. And I feel like he doesn't like me being loud and talkative. Why did he stop talking to me? And what can I do to win him back?


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