Does he get the hints I'm giving?

I've been getting really flirty with my friend lately. First, I laid my head on his shoulder and he was joking bouncing his shoulder up and down. The next lunch, I sat on his lap. He again jokingly bounced his legs in order to get me off. A few weeks have past of me interchangeably using him as a cushion or a chair and he doesn't mind now. He'll wrap his arm around me or he'll lean his head on my shoulder when I'm on his lap.
Guys are really flirty and confusing, so does he get that I like him? If he does, what should I do next?


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  • you see... when girls and women use "The Force" you know like real life star wars, and they try to mind-will a guy to like her, by gazing at him or dressing up or saying beat around the bush phrases, it doesn't help the situation.

    he might get something like you sitting on him, but you ave to get him alone and say lets hang out lets, go to this place it really fun, and then let him know you like him.

  • It (girls giving hints) really isn't noticable usually, but you sound like you've made it extremely obvious.


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