Are white men terrified of dating black women om middle of america?

Are white men terrified of dating black women?
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is a colloquial term for the culturally conservative rural and suburban areas of the United States.


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  • You know, not all black women are ghetto, mean, wanting to fight, crazy, and any other stereotypes people put upon us. I don't know why but black women gets more hate then black men. When most are as bad, maybe worse. I admit, their are a lot of black people that matches the stereotypes. I just don't think its fair to label every black women you see as terrifying or mean or ghetto. Because I'm not. I'm actually really nice and etc. But around where I live black people are giving us bad reps. So, I mostly hang with white people at my school. I also only really will date white or mexican. Because the black people at my school are basically the stereotypes. Not all of them aren't. I am black and is the complete opposite. I admit, sometimes I am scared, well not really scared, but like I just ignore them because they'll easily snap on you (NOT ALL), of some black women. But their are all kinds. I also hate when white guys date black girls and 3 of them don't turn out good so they stop dating that race.

    • you never know what your going get, you might find a nice black girl or one that would kill you for asking her out lol racism is split 50/50

    • I'm a black female that prefers dating white men. Most are afraid, yes, because they think I am ghetto or loud. I am the complete opposite. I am also sometimes scared of the violent black people because they are unpredictable.

      If a white man approached me, I would be glad to build a relaionship.

    • @SMcgee2017 Lots of black girls prefer white guys. When black girls prefer to date outside their race, it's usually only white guys or Latinos (mainly light skinned Latinos).

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  • A lot of white men don't wanna date black women simply because they are afraid their peers might judge them and their family members too. Also people in public will give them nasty stares. I remember one time when I hung out with my white friends, there are a black woman and a white man couple and these white friends of mine were like "oh my god. wow. can you believe that? she stole the white guy!!"

    • I'm sorry but they are stupid , for thinking some stole someone hahah

    • It was a joke since they were straight guys but a lame joke though.

    • I am a black women, and I prefer white men. I don't care what others say and how they react because it's none of their business.

  • No, just haven't seen a black girl that I have been attracted to.

  • Like in the hood or suburbs what ever you wanna call it yes they would be and there would be a lot of animosity.

  • Yeah, most of my nightmares are me dating a black chick.


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