Is this a dating trend for men?

The last three guys who have tried to date me (at different times), tried to hook up with me while they were in a relationship. Each one told me they were going to breakup with their girlfriend, but I did not believe them and ended communication with them. I'll never be a sidechick or allow someone to make a fool out of me. Eventually, all three guys did break up with their girlfriends (some were 2+yr relationships), and by the time I found out (maybe 2mths later), each guy already had a new girlfriend. One of guys after 1.5yrs just got engaged to the new girl. Is there something I'm missing? Is that how dating works now?
How can you trust someone in a relationship like that? It would be in the back of my mind that he might be shopping for his next girlfriend while I'm trying to build a life with him.


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  • yeah... it´s like looking for a new car before you bring the old one to the scrapyard... i hate this mentality!


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  • no... it was just those guys, not all guys think that way


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