What does it mean if he's trying to find me a boyfriend?

This guy keeps on saying that I should find a boyfriend, talks about finding me a guy, and asks me things like why I'm not interested... why does he do this?


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  • is he a friend of yours?

    i don't think he's into you, otherwise he'd try to be your bf... anyway i guess he just doesn't want to see you being single maybe

    • He's not exactly a friend, maybe more like a superior..

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  • Maybe he has feelings for you but you don't, so he feels the only way he can get over you is if you find a boyfriend (because that would render you unavailable).

  • Or he's hinting you to be with him or he's somehow bothered of seeing you alone...

    • Hmm. But why would a guy be bothered by that?

    • Good question. I don't know, I wouldn't. Maybe he cares about you and thinks that it's time for you to have someone.

  • He's trying to set you up with a friend, that's why he's puzzled/bothered that you aren't interested.


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