Why he acts like this? Is he playing game with my heart?

My long distance boyfriend calls me everyday, he already refer me as his gf but till now, still no "I LOVE YOU" from him, which makes me feel a little bit.. well insecure about this new relationship, but I'm still waiting for the right time for him to really say it someday (just be patient and not pushing him)

yesterday he said something about a girl in his office approached him to see whether he is single or not and He told the girl I'm his gf but live far away for about 2 months. before this he called me when I was asleep, which I didn't even remember whatever things I said to him on that time. He told me that I said I love him when I was asleep (which I knew I didn't) but I just ask him what was his response to it, he was just sending me a smiley emoticon.

Just now I give him "Love me Like You Do" song by Ellie Goulding, he replied it with a kiss smiley and nothing else. He just said he want to sleep. Of coz I feel hurt, about 10 minutes later, I apologized if the song makes him feel uncomfortable, he replied me saying that he love the song too and try to give a sweet message to me... after a cold reply just now. what happens here?

I do feel that he was try to test me, or I don't know whatever happens here but it quite drive me crazy. Am I too paranoid?


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  • I haveno clue to be honest


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