Please help Guys! What does my crush mean when he say to me "the best is yet to come."?

I was texting my crush about how my ex was being good to me again. My crush text me lol saying "the best is yet to come." Does he mean there another guy out there for me and he's not the guy for me? I like him a lot. I already told him I like him he said he liked me too, but I'm so confused with him sometimes we live in different cities. I hate the distance but I feel for my crush he such a nice guy.


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  • No. he's being sarcastic about your situation with your ex.
    if he's your crush, don't you find it a little rude to make subject of other romantic rendezvous you have going on?

    • Thank you for the answer. We talk about mostly every thing. I didn't think I was being rude. He's a nice guy and younger than me, but so mature for his age. I'm 28 he's 26. I really do like him I hope he isn't playing games with me.

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    • That's not what it appears from the outside in for most people. Best of luck to you

    • Thank You! I appreciate it

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  • I think he means that he likes you and he thinks he's best for you!

    • Thanks! I hope you are right! :-)

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