What do guys think when girls look/glance/stare at them?

What do guys think when girls look at them? I'm a high school student and sometimes I stare/look at guys consciously or unconsciously. Sometimes its because he's handsome, but I usually stare at guys because I feel like he could become a good friend (I stare at girls too so..)
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  • She just happened to look at me. Is it supposed to mean something?

    • haha I like your way of thinking :D

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    • Oh.. thats what you meant..
      I thought you were asking me if guys looking at girls meant something.

      Girls look at guys either because
      1. He's handsome or goodlooking in any way
      2. What he's wearing is kind of cool or weird
      3. We like him
      4. We want to talk to him but don't know what else to do except stare
      or 5. It was just a random glance/unsciously staring

    • Thank you I was curious

Most Helpful Girl

  • You don't stare at someone cause you want to be friends, that's weird.

    • How is that strange?
      Whenever I look at a girl and guy, and notice an action which I genuinely like, I would want to become friends with them. I stare because I don't know how to approach him/her

    • Well, what could someone in high school do that is so kind that you end up looking and looking and looking at them to see if you could be friends? And how often are they doing these kind things? I mean most people don't take friendships so seriously. They are friends based on circumstance and if not that, then one of them started talking to the other to become friends. If you can't become friends with someone, then you just let it go, you don't ponder over it. If you do, then there is more to it then that cause kind actions can't be seen all of the time for you to stare at someone, but looks can.

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  • nothing special... just routine.. may be she liked my clothes or shoe or anything else.. or just checking out guys like we do with girls... second thought will come if she smiles or give any expressions

  • Usually I think she's looking because of how ugly I am

    • Don't worry about that! Be more confident in yourself! :)

  • A high school boy will think you like him

    • That kind of explains this guy's behavior. I thought he seemed nice but then he starting saying sh*t about me and acts all arrogant about me 'liking' him. Now I try to completely ignore his presence and forget all about making him a friend. Funny thing is, now he is glancing at me all the time. HA

    • Don't take it that way. Hs boys don't know how to respond to emotions inside. This is common in almost all hs students.
      Look at it as a frustration within him

  • "look at his silly haircut" <--- chances are

  • Yeah we think you like us if you stare at us (more than once).


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