Why would he care who I'm texting?

*i hungout with him on new years eve
* went over to his house with my sister and my crushs friend
* we were all playing ping pong and we were on teams I was on my crush team
* I work with my crush so I've known him for a while
* he told me there was a connection between me and him a couple years ago
* but he also said he doesn't like me
*all of his friends ask me if we're dating
But were not..
* I sat down on the couch for a second to take a break from ping pong and at the time it was just me and him but he asked me who I was texting.. Like why would he ask that if he doesn't like me and were not dating
*he also gets jealous if I'm talking to other guys
* he wants me to have his full attention and tries so hard to get mine


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  • He sounds possessive.

    • Not the answer I was looking for.. And he's not... he's actually a good guy to be around and hangout with

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    • So what should I do? If he likes me?

    • You should probably wait until he makes the first move. If he can't even admit he has feelings for you, doing something would only make it worse. So you should do what you always do.

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