Signs that a guy likes you? Need guys input most?

I've been sleeping with this guy for nearly ayear now and he has told me he had feelings for me a few times but it has gone no where..


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  • sounds like the typical don't have sex with someone you want to date. Give them the fruit without any of the work and they are just going to keep coming back for free fruit.

    If you are fine not dating him and just having sex it's all good, but if you think that having sex is going to lead to a relationship you are doing it wrong.

    Assuming you aren't dating and that is what you mean by not going anywhere.

    • Like dating him doesn't matter. Im just confused why hed say he liked me and wanted to know if i could see a relationship with him and then it just stop? My intentions with him still stays with sex.

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    • Yeah. Im not veery interesting at all. So.

    • all people are interesting in some way, you just have to want to know their story.

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  • Because he's either lying and just stringing you along bc that's what he feels he needs to say to keep having sex with you OR he could have things going on in his life right now that take precedence over a serious relationship

    • I think he's lying to but some times he seems really serious about me and the next he is distant.

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    • Definitely! At what point is the sex worth your sanity... right now don't ask me bc, I'll vote for sex... but that's my personal business creeping into this advice I'm trying to give you! Always listen to your intuition... it's right ALL of the time

    • I want sex too. But for the year we have, we've only actually been together like 8 times.. so i really dont get any... like... its weird.. he talks to me about sex quite a bit but we dont have it as much as i like at leeast

  • what do you mean it hasn't gone any where? do you expect to be married in less than one year of knowing a man?

    • I didn't say I new him for less than a year, said I've been sleeping with him for nearly a year.
      And hasn't gone anywhere as in lile no dates or asking to date. He said he wanted us to hangout with out sex but we always seem to go there any way.

    • Oh okay I understand. If you were given everything you wanted for free would you put in overtime to get it? He has everything a man technically needs without investing anything 'real'. Make him earn the pleasure and maybe you will see his true feelings. When a man has to earn something he will make sure that something is worth earning.

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