Why are the woman saying I was right and the men saying he was right?

A week ago the guy I like asked me and him to play "pretend teacher " but, I rejected him a little well not really a rejection I looked at him with a weird face

and his response to my rejection was trying to get me jealous of the pretty new girl, so I took his response as him not being interested so these past few days I've been backing off of him and everytime he tries to talk to me I've been giving him one word responses , so once I started giving one word responses he asked what did he do to make me act like I do now I didn't really respond so he got really mad and said "everything is wrong so since your acting like that I'm gonna ignore you!!"

And I told him the truth I said he pushed me away, and he then said "how am I pushing you away when I'm trying to do the complete opposite "

And now we're ignoring each other but, yesterday he tried getting my attention by indirectly jumping in my conversation in class , so I took that as a sign of him trying to talk to me

So I finally just said "I'm sorry" and he said "for? "

I'm just so confused, the woman are saying he is in the wrong the guys are saying its my fault..


Most Helpful Guy

  • I can't tell if he's being childish or if your story is misleading.

    • I think he is being childish this story is very much true as well

    • Well I'm sure it's true from your perspective, I'm just not certain that it's an accurate representation of the events transpired.

Most Helpful Girl

  • That seems like a load of confusion. It's obvious he's interested in you, he just doesn't seem to know the right way to show it. Question is, do you like him? If so, or if not, then let him know. Don't give him mixed signals. That way he's not running around trying to make you jealous, and getting all angry and stuff.


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What Guys Said 1

  • You sound dramatic. You rejected him, started to give him the silent treatment, but you expect him to want to talk to you. YOU sound like the manipulator.


What Girls Said 3

  • I already answered this. My answer is the same as before.

  • It's your fault. Of course he'll talk to someone else if you turned him down what do you expect? I'm sure his intent wasn't "oh I'm going to make her jealous," but instead "I'll get attention from someone else since she turned me down."

  • guys tend to stick with guys and the same with girls. i personally think you were in the right. but that's just my opinion.


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