How can a guy just stop loving someone?

He purposed a couple times when I wasn't ready... for good reasons and my own troubles and he wanted to get married and have kids with me and now he acts as if that never happened and just wants to have sex.


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  • I think he wasn't actually in love. Maybe he was carried away with the situation. Love just doesn't disappear out of the blue.

    • What do you mean by situation exactly?

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    • Well I had moved away and he wanted me to move home, start a family and we had serious discussions about it and everytime come crunch time I didn't follow through he asked me 3 different times to marry him and asked me to stop fucking with him and making him feel like an idiot... that was never my intent though... and it wasn't that I didn't love him and didn't want to... I was scared to

    • hm, so maybe those things made him move on perhaps...

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