Why do guys think it's okay to catcall?

I'm from California and well, it's usually hot all year round. The other day was no exception, it was kind of hot and sunny and my friends and i decided to go downtown around 2ish and explore (we're in college). As we walked around, I got a lot of unwanted attention by old, nasty men. I had shorts and a tanktop on. I never thought the construction worker site cliche was a real thing until that day, this dude from the construction site said, "Hello beautiful. I hope your day is going as fine as you are." and he gave me a nasty up and down look. I just kept walking. AFter that, we pass by some cafes and this guy just had no shame and stared me down. I had a sweater in my backpack in case it got cold later (we had plans to stay out late) and i tied it around my waist thinking that it would stop. NOPE. A few minutes after tying my sweater around my waist, we hear a whistle. None of us look, the whistle got louder. My friends looked and the guy said "Not you" and i looked back and he said, "Yeah. That's what i'm talking about" and he gave me the most putrid smile, i wanted to throw up. My shorts weren't ridiculously short and my tanktop didn't show cleavage. I felt really scared cause i didn't know if these men were gonna try to hurt me or follow me or something. My friends decided it would be better if we left since it didn't look like the catcalling would stop. HERE'S THE BEST PART, as we walked to my friend's car, a police officer stopped what he was doing and started blatantly staring, his eyes were popping out of his head. It makes me mad that this shit happens, I can't go out an about in peace. GUYS WHO READ THIS: DO NOT CATCALL. DON'T DO IT. It's not flattering, it's scary.


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  • They are old men with no excitement in their lives most likely. Seeing you probably brightened there days, but I don't understand why they have to react such a way. Sometimes you can't help looking, but whistling etc is rude.


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  • I was catcalled at the grocery store helping my GRANDMA push her shopping cart to the car. They said "you can push my shopping cart all day sweetie (followed by a whistle)", I was 13 years old. It definitely comes off as creepy.

    • wtf. That's even more disgusting, you were a kid.

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  • Even the guy (police officer) who didn't say anything was in the wrong as far as you're concerned.

    I remember my GF would tell me some of the shit she'd get called at her, you got off very lightly.

  • That's why guys are afraid to talk to women. We'll be assumed as rapists.

  • That sounds disgusting and rude. I'm sorry to hear that you had to deal with that.


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