He stares at me and makes eye contact but?

I requested to follow him on instagram and he won't follow me back.. Does that mean anything? I mean just today my friend saw him stare at me a lot and when he noticed that my friend noticed him he looked away.. And he's following that friend back but not me.. any thoughts?


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  • Think of it as a game of Tattle Telling. His friend will notify him of your actions and looks toward him. He followed your friend trying to get inside info. Do the same with your friend. Make her and him hold convos on instagram about how you like him and make her say it's secret. Also, you friend his friend on instagram and get inside info. His friend will tell him what you ask and things will play out from their.

    • except I followed him on my friends instagram..

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    • Yeah but you don't chat on instagram. You just view other peoples photos.

    • I just looked it up, it says there's a private chatting thing. Well, if I'm wrong. Then comment on his photo, a recent one. He'll say something then start a convos. Then ask for his number to continue it privately. Or use Facebook.

  • How often does he do it and how long has it been going on.

    • Everyday for almost 3 wks.

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    • I like him though... so..

    • Maybe he's just isn't ready yet a lot of guys his age are never, if he isn't talking to you but staring at you a lot then it shows at-least he has a slight interest.

      Just keep focusing what you're doing with your life... or be ambitious take a risky step and pursue him but I wouldn't advise it. Just my opinion.

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