Why do guys do this?

Met this guy in my residence in September. He has two other roommates and they're all pretty outgoing and like to party, decent guys.

Anyways, a few months in one of them started talking to me here and there. Right after Christmas break, he chatted me up again and we hung out one night and hooked up. We had a really good time and sleepover. when talked to me he sends really good and long texts, and you can tell he's really I to the conversation. Then suddenly, it kind of stopped..

Then the weekend before Valentine's day we hung out that weekend since I wasn't busy. We went out to a lounge with with roommates, and he was treating me like I was his gf and showing me off. We had a great night together again, and talked about doing Valentine's day. But then after that.. nothing. I ran into him on the Wednesday before Valentine's weekend in the elevator and he was asking what I'm doing this weekend and what not. I hinted that I was still free but then nothing. It's like he's SO into me for a bit, then backs off. Then repeat. After noticing this pattern I don't even fell like texting him anymore..

Why do guys do this?


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  • He does this because he's a dickhead. The biggest thing you can do is ignore Him. As for future situations, don't have sex with someone after a short time unless you are willing to risk the fact that they see you as a fling. If a guy is willing to work for it and wait, he's willing to stick around afterwards

    • Is it best to just ignore him and move on? I wonder if he's secretly hoping I'm going to text him or if he just doesn't care

    • Hard to say. He may sti have feelings for her, or he's just not 100% co rodent in his current relationship and want to keep his options open. In general though he is putting up some serious red flags. I would not trust him as far as I could throw him. (Sorry I always wanted to say that)

    • Sorry that was supposed to say *100% confident *

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  • I think that "why does he do this?" would be a better question. Maybe it's just part of his personality, maybe he is not the kind of guy who keeps constant contact.

    • I don't know of I should bother texting him or not, he's a year younger. He didn't come through with Valentine's and hasn't made me effort to text me. Before we were tagging eachother on Instagram and he slowly stopped doing it. It seemed like he was really into me!

    • If you wanna try something with him I advise you to text him. Trying won't harm anyone. If you see that he doesn't take any initiative or if he doesn't make any efforts to take things further, then you move on.

    • Alright! Then I'll probably text him soon then!

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