GUYS what is your idea of the perfect girlfriend?

How is she physically? What would you want her to do? How you want her to be / behave? How is she mentally?


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  • Physically, she has features. I won't use "curvy" or "thick" because those words are so hijacked and confused anymore, so I'll just link a pic at the end of what gets me.

    Want her to do... like, for work?

    Behavior and mentality- I don't waste any of my time with girls that have insecurities that they could deal with... but haven't. I've dealt with my shit, so I know it's possible. It's just really sexy, charming, and just refreshing to experience a girl that is solid, confident, and who you don't always have to walk on eggshells around. Funnily enough, I've experienced and learned from this without ever having dated anyone like this before- it was my buddies' ex-girlfriends, current girlfriends, whatever lol. Nooooo time or patience for it.

    I like girls intelligent enough to be able to hold a good conversation and be able to really fire back instead of just sitting there like a stereotypical teenage ditz. Intelligence also implies a sense of humor, because it takes a bit of wit to grasp jokes. Fun and laughter are usually never bad.

    I think I have some kind of fetish awakening in me over the last few years because the culture of women I find so god damn sexy are Latinas- Colombians, Brazilians, and the "new-age classicals" like them. They're passionate, fiery, sexy in and out (that sounds so cliche and stupid, but it's true lol), they treat you like royalty and take such good care of you if you're good to them, you never need to pay for dance lessons, you get amazing food made for you all the time... and did I mention they're incredibly sexy?

    Basically, I like solid, all-round 9's and 10's. The sexy girl that has the brains. I used to be all shy, awkward, and anxious. But I put in my time and effort to morphing myself, came out great, and feel on that "level" to get what I want with a girl that knows what she wants as well.

    As for how she looks:

    Or a woman like Andrea Calle (look her name up for more images)


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  • A little shorter than me. Average body size with smaller boobs. I always have preferred red hair, but now the choices I get are gray, silver, and white. lol She must be intelligent and have a good sense of humor. (Needs that to put up with me) Caring, and able to observe moods and adjust to them. Loves sex and cuddling. Loves showers together. Lots of other things would be nice, but I think that covers the important things.

  • Physically: Short, cute and more on the skinny side. Cute voice
    Also, colourful hair is cool, I like that alternative look.

    Personality: Playful, coquettish, affectionate, open-minded, humble, romantic but not old fashioned, reasonably intelligent (distinct from educated), which I don't care about), sweet, mild-mannered and often reserved, understanding, common interests. I could go on but we'll leave it there.

    I insist that any girls with a bunch of those things going for them should message me. (^_^ )

  • She's somewhat thin, around my height, her hair down to her mid-back (any shade of brown, black or a dark ginger). She has an amazing smile that brightens your day.

    She loves me. That's all I want. She genuinely cares about me and would do anything to make me happy. I don't want sex. I don't want her submission. I want it to be equal between us and just a warm, genuine, innocent love.

    I want her to be respectful, but also fun. She CANNOT be obnoxious, that's a huge 'turn-off' for most guys, including me.

    She's mentally in-tact though sometimes a little insecure. She's mostly confident and not afraid to speak her mind. She's an intelligent woman, yet she is not ignorant nor rude.

    I know I'm asking for too much and no one would ever be like this. Except.. maybe one person? :)


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