Weird behavior problem help?

Good afternoon everyone. I just want to ask for advice, you see my big brother is a soldier and he just came home from Syria a few days ago. my brother is usually the silent type and he doesn't talk unless spoken to, but since he return he had been acting really weird. whenever I would talk to him about how he is and the things he did in Syria, he would do everything to avoid the topic. then I notice that he would always be twitchy/jumpy, just a simple noise is enough to make him jump, even when sleeping just the creak of the door he would be on his feet pointing his gun every corner. it's starting to creep me out, he would sometimes wake up very early in the morning and wouldn't be able to sleep anymore. I also notice that he lacked interest in the things he usually do. he was easily startled and wouldn't sleep without anything to depend himself with, even though he was already home he still act as if he was in a battlefield and everyone is out to kill him, even in our own house he would look through every corner as if it was going to swallow him or something. I'm starting to get worried, what is wrong with him?


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  • Thats what you would call Post Traumatic Stree Disorder, or PTSD. It is very common in the military. He probably saw some fucked up shit out there. He is going to need counseling and hopefully over time he will be able to function as a normal adult. how old is he?

    • He's 28, well a few nights ago I heard him talking to dad about it, he's a sniper and he had done things that he wasn't very proud of.

    • Hopefully he will be able to start talking about it... slowly... and get through it eventually. Give his the time and space. He knows he is acting differently, he knows he has changed. Hopefully he gets out of the military and isn't totally mind fucked for life. I have known PTSD sufferers personally and it is really rough to watch them go through it. It is a mental disorder and he will need some serious professional help. <3 hoping the best for you and your brother!!

    • Thank you, I hope he get's well soon. he said he will be called back anytime soon, so I hope he's fine before he gets back on duty.

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