What makes a guy ask for a kiss like this? - "Are you gonna give me a kiss, or what? Hm?"?

We'd been on bad terms since 5 months ago, and only just made up one week ago. He was stuck out in the rain and so we ran a bath, and I was in the bath getting the soap and getting sorted and everything and talking and putting water on him to get to work getting him clean, whereas he was just sitting back at the end of the bathtub, and he said, "Are you gonna give me a hug? Or what?" I looked surprised for a split second and he held the question with a, "Hm?"

When we got into bed, he lay there and I lay next to him, and he said, "You gonna give me a kiss or what?"

It reminded me of granddads/old uncles making that request at relatives who have finally come to visit from interstate after many years or something. Why doesn't he just lean over and kiss me? Or pull me over to hug him in the bath? Is he being arrogant and/or condescending towards me?


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  • I think he was thinking that "she may misunderstand me for what i am doing" . I mean he was respecting you to get more love from you.


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