Can a ld phone relationship turn real?

I've been having a long distance phone thing with this guy for about a month and a half. Due to circumstances with work I ended up moving to the same city as him a few days ago. I sent him a message telling him that I was in the city and he straight away was like we should meet up. We did last night and he met me after work and we went out for a few beers. Stuff went really well. He kept suggesting staying longer etc. He (whether he was truly serious or not) said that he'd look into a internet hookup for me and if I needed a ride to ikea to pick up things for my new place he'd give me a ride. He walked me home and kissed me. I invited him up and yeaaah... stuff happened. We were getting really hot and heavy and I suggested having sex. He kind of ignored it and went back to doing what he was doing. He told me (in a good way) that I drive him crazy. After he stayed for a bit and then he left because he had to get a flight today and I only have a single bed in my room. Not the most comfortable. He's going away for the weekend. I haven't heard from him yet... I'm going to leave it to him to contact me when he gets back. Is this a good idea?


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  • yes good idea, just one question, did he know that you were moving to the same city or did you just do it then let him know your there

    • I'd told him about a week before that I was moving to this new city for work but he told me last night that he thought I was joking until I messaged him saying that I was actually here.

    • i hope it works out for you, just be careful and go slowly

  • yes it can turn real.

    the more you communicate with your guy, the closer you get.


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