Do guys get jealous often?

My guy has always had a calm perspective and usually never gets jealous over me talking to guys that I met six years ago through a gamer forum.( Previous relationships I had, ended with the guy saying that I was not allowed to talk to other males.) Is that weird for a guy to do that? Or is it because he has trust in me?


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  • i am not sure about other guys but for myself it is a simple case of it doesn't bother me, nothing to do with trust or anything it is just not an issue until the female takes it further then just chatting, why should chatting to a guy be any different to chatting to a female


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  • Guys becomes jealous sometimes but not every time untill she is the girlfriend to him

  • I get jealous when a girl talks with another guy, even thought if she isn't even my girlfriend, but it just pisses me off, thinking that I spent so much time with her, and at the end, she just talks with another one :/. But yeah, he probably does trust you, so make sure you don't ruin it. I wouldn't get jealous as long as she is my gf and I trust her.


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