How do I know a guy I have met and talked to once finds me attractive?

how do i know a guy i have met and talked to once finds me attractive? So i met him once at a bar when i was with his friend and he joined us. I found him very funny and he had the same random humor as i have, and he did compliment me and told me i looked nice. Sometimes we would have long eye contact (he has very nice and friendly eyes) and once he just looked at me and smiled (it would just have been in my head) and didn't say anything (his friend was talking). BUT i think maybe he had a bit to drink, he drank a beer at the bar, and he didn't seem "stereotypical drunk". Im had one glass of wine before he came so i was pretty much sober.
But ofc this could be me imagining this because i found him very appealing and i liked his personality. So do you think he's just being friendly or could he be interested?


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  • Talk to him more. It's the only way to find out but I would guess he finds you attractive.

    Anyway, it doesn't matter if he finds you attractive or not if you never talk again, right?

    • Well i found out that he did like me lol so we are on the road to getting to know eacother

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