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Okay so there is this guy we go at the same school he is so hot and i'm the girl everybody wants and get hitted on all time dont know why im pretty shy tho and dont like attention anyways. I have been dumb in the past because I had a chance with this guy put i blowed it. We don't talk just have eye contact and stuff and he use to talk about me and ask about me to he's friends and he is always around me and gets mad when i am with other guys but then suddenly he got a girlfriend and then he's fella came to me and we talked and he said he dont even like her he's just together with her so you will notice him because he's jealous and i thought wtf... And everybody say that he likes me still etc but i dont know i dont know what i should do i just think he's acting childish but I still want to do somthing or whatever i dont even know if he likes me tho everybody is so secure about it but i dont really know what do y'all think (there is so much more but there ain't enough room to right everything, details and stuff sry) ?


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  • I think that is really stupid to be honest... who gets a girlfriend and then says he doesn't even like her? People are so stupid sometimes, and I can be stupid too and play games like ignore this girl to see if she will say anything. So I can't really say much since I play games but this is ridiculous. Those rumors could also be false you dont know, so he might not like you and actually like his girlfriend. I think you should just ask him if you really like him and hopefully everything will go smoothly.


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