He stares all the time but he has a girlfriend that is in college?

So there's this guy that I have a big crush on. He's in my gym class. All he does is stare at me but he won't really talk to me. When I'm smiling and laughing he gets really close and he'll whistle at me and he will try to make me laugh.
I don't think he has a gf but he asked a girl to the military ball. Does he like me or no? Or should I move on?


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  • oh i guess he wants to cheat on his gf then...


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  • Healthy flirting is always good, you know? :)
    He could be just flirting.. doesn't really mean anything..

    • But all he does is stare. He's talked to me once because he felt like a dick for not remembering my name. Even though he's known me since 7th grade. I don't remember talking to him in 7th grade

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    • Well, then first find out if he's dating the chick... Then go upto him, and ask him why he's always staring at you... :) it'll be bold on your part and he won't be expecting it...

    • Alright

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