Why does he say it's up to me if we should meet?

When this guy I've been talking to for a couple months gave me his number he said that I should call if I wanted to meet up which I've never had the guts to do. He never texts me first but always texts me back, flirts and keeps the conversation going.

About two weeks ago I tried to hint that he could call me if he wanted to do something and he said something like that it was up to me if we should meet up. So I then asked when he could meet, and he said "I drive by your city every weekend, hit me up if you want to meet." (We live in cities next to each other) We started talking about something else and I pretty much "let the conversation die" and we haven't spoken since..

I just don't understand why he puts it on me if we should meet all the time? Is it him trying to hint he's not interested? What do you guys think I should do because I feel like if he was interested he would at least text me first sometimes..


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  • If he has no interest in pursuing you, then let him be he isn't what you want.


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