Male Behaviour Signs He Wants You Back?

What are signs men do online when they want you back?


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  • 'like' every one of your photos

    • Like say for instance day after fight blocked me on Facebook, so sent him something on whatsapp, photo of present I was going to give him when I saw him, he lives overseas, when I installed the app, his last seen status was a week earlier, now, after he sent me a message saying I don't care I don't want anything from you, you give me space and peace, cause I was sending him a message everyday for a week, after fight he has been on everyday eversince, when it looks like he barely used it before, and now he's been on whatsapp multiple times, sometimes 6 times a day, and stays on sometimes only one minute, sometimes a little longer, but never that long. What do you think? After sending me that message he came on two more times that night, and the first time 1 hour after sending me that message.

    • It sounds like he is just checking everyday to see what your reaction is..

      Like, he's relaly checking the messages seeing if you are going to /send him more mesages.

      Even though he said he wanted space, he might be wanting you to crawl back to him?

      Or he might actually have other people that he's messaging at the same time... :/

    • I went on whatsapp before at 21.33pm, and it said his last seen status was 21.33pm

      So he was on less than a minute, and he's constantly going on, and the majority of the time, he's off within a minute, the odd time a little longer when I am online, but I wondered if he was hanging about then incase I sent him a message, we'll he was online.

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