My guy friend said it doesn't bother him that she checks on him all the time?

he has said in the past that she is a drama queen is very jealous she was really rude to me has told me she checks on him all the time and now is saaying it doesn't bother him? wtf !!


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  • It means he's cheated on her before, when she was rude to you it was because you didn't respect her place as his girl.

    • doubt he has cheated !! i would say she is manipulative and controlling and he is covering for her because he is scared !! cos that whats narrsactics do they make you feel bad like no one else will love you etc.. trust me I've been there

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    • You've already doomed it, when as a friend you need to step back since he's chosen her as a partner. A true friend gives an opinion then let's the friend make their own conclusion, a true friend wishes good for their friend & doesn't attempt to undermine their lives.

    • i am not underdime anyone i think thats rude to assume... i have stepped back actually... i wish good will on everyone in my life ,,,, its going to end badly...

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