Am I over reacting? He asked me to hang out, but then asked if I had my own way there?

The guy that i liked asked me if i was free and wanted to hang out for the first time. He asked what i wanted to do, and i mentioned a few things including a party that he knew about. So we agreed to go, and he didn't reply to me after i said sure :).

So i texted him today and asked what was going on and he said "yeah were going, do you have a way there?".

I'm just annoyed because he was the one that asked me to hangout, so i thought the guy would follow through with like when and how we'd get there... but then the other half is like he is drinking, so obviously he wouldn't drive. But its the fact that he didn't message me saying so...

Do i reply? I found a ride there with a friend... My other girlfriends say dont, and just go to the party anyways. Im half and half...


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  • Well do what you think is right. You could cancel and have a fun night in or...


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