Facebook guy messages me. Interested or just friendly?

There is a FB guy (I've never met him) who messages me fairly frequently. Sometimes, every couple of days, five or ten and occasionally three weeks will pass before he contacts me again. We talk about issues that we are both involved with (we have friends in common, too) and we talk for a while, and sometimes hours. He always contacts me first, I rarely message him. He isn't flirty, although he has told me my opinion of him is important. I really like him, not sure if he's being friendly or if he likes me. Its very hard to say. i generally remain friendly/non flirty with him. He never comments or likes any of my photos although i have seen him like others, which is sort of mystifying if we are supposed to be friends.

Any thoughts?


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  • I think it's only a friendly thing. He just likes talking to you when he does it.


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  • if he's always texting you first, then that means he's really interested i believe

  • he's a pedophile


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