How long should I wait to text him back? and what too?

I texted this guy last night at 5 he didn't respond until today at noon. Trust me i know he was ignoring me. How long should i wait. what should i text him?
i know he liked me but he seem not so interested anymore.
ME-Heyy bud
He called me bud before i did. HE said he could because he was older which makes not sense too me butt ok? and sometimes he would call me babe baby or one time he called me his gf. But the next morning he called me bro? i feel like he is really confused in what he wants.. ALso one one thing he said i would kill his life.. does that mean he doesn't want a relationship?


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  • Well I don't know, making him wait as much as he did can show that you care too much and are making him wait on purpose, answering too soon can seem desparate so you can't really win xD just reply whenever you feel like it, don't over think it. Do you really want to be in a relationship where that kind of game is important? I know I wouldn't.

    But those are just my opinions, I'm not sure if I know much on the subject.

    What I DO know is that calling a guy "bud" is a huge turn off, it automatically sends the guy to the friend zone, if you are interested in him, don't call him bud, you'd be surprised by the amount of men that think like me

  • wait 8 more mins and text him "hi"


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