Can you tell me what this means? Do my guy friends have secret crushes on me?

My two guy friends (well name them "D" and "I") well "D" and I have been friends for 4 years, and he told me 3 years ago he had a crush on me. The feeling wasn't mutual or anything, so we remained friends. Last year, he dated my best friend, and he got pretty "popular" from dating her too. All the sudden tons of girls were all over him. I thought he had forgotten about me ): but actually we ended up being friends again, and just like before. He acts a lot different now in general. He says I love you to all his friends that are girls and like hugs them all the time and flirts. He does it to me too, but I swear he treats me differently than all of them. He's also a slight bit more mean to me (which he admits and apologizes a lot for) he says it's because he knows I understand his humor and everything since we've been close for so long. Anywyas, my friend "I" and I were hanging out today. He threw candy at me and it almost went down my shirt and I said "OH NICE AIM" and he said "CRAP NOW YOU KNOW WHERE I WAS LOOKING" and I threw the candy back and said try again, so for like 15 minutes he was just trying to throw this piece of candy down my shirt over and over. While he was doing this he said "who in our grade flirts with you the most?" And I said "I really don't know why?" And he said "does D flirt with you?" And I said "D flirts with everyone" and He said "Ya but especially you, right" and I said " I don't know" then he said "hey don't think I'm trying to flirt with you"
What does any of this mean? Are they both just being weird, does one of them like me? Am I reading too much into this?


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  • Usually when guys are friends w/ girls it also means that that they are attracted to them whether or not those feeling were there to begin with or not. Guys stay friends with girls because even tho they know you won't reciprocate THIER feelings for you they value you friendship but the closer and closer you get with a guy the more those feelings surface and cause conflict within a guy.


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