OK so any guy or girl can answer this?

Why is it every girl I see I think damn she's hot or wow she's pretty I say it to my friends at work I be like dude did you just see her she was hot I'm 23 but literally every girl


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  • Because you appreciate the beauty of women?

    • Possibly I thought it was hormones but it seems to strong

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    • Well that's what I'm saying, if you get a girlfriend it might help with that because you can focus all your energy on her ;)

    • I don't think she could handle it I got. a lot built up lol

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  • I feel the same. I Wonder sometimes if it's me being desperate or having low standards but then again I have turned down opportunities. maybe it just doesn't take much to physically attract you. that's how I feel but it takes an amazing personality for me to make a move.

    • I thought it was hormones at first but then I thought that can't be it

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  • so you like ANYTHING with a vagina basically, eh? :-P

  • You are easy to please.. thats all! Just be carefull!


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