What does this guy want?

ok so I met this guy many years ago we go to school together he's a junior im a freshman (that's how all my relationships are) but every now and then for the past few years he talks to me for a little bit &then we stop talkin for a while I really like him & I never had the feeling that I have when he's around me I can just see him in my future & he comes & goes he is the kind of guy that always has a girlfriend but they break up with him bc they say he's a jerk I don't think so tho he's perfect to me and recently we got close so here's the story - we stopped talkin for awhile and then started again like last month & he asked if I wanted to come over this was the day after he broke up with girlfriend (we live pretty close in a really small town & our family is all really close) so yeah I came over and played Xbox with him for several hours it hit about 10:00 pm & he decided to drive me home so we were stopped at stop sign & he said y do u think I hate you? ( because I always ask him y do you hate me ) So I said because u do & he said no I don't & I said prove it & there was a long pause & I heard him whisper come here I turned my head & he kissed me we were kissing for like 15 seconds & a car pulled behind us so we left. we talked like all day all night for the next few days he offered to bring me to lunch but that didn't happen & then our talkin kind of slowed down after not talkin for couple days he snapchated me & said come to lunch with me tomorrow I said ok he said we should do stuff I said yeah we should he asked some question I answered he said do you wanna have sex I said yeah he said k I got the condoms ( he's not a virgin but I am ) I said k & then somthin at his work came up & he couldn't take me. so then we talked for a few days & instantly he ignored all texts & hasn't said a word to me I snapchat him every now & then & he ignores it what do I do? I feel as if I love him & I wanna be with him how do I make him like me? what's his problem? help me!


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  • I don't what he wants. You can ask him


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