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I recently met this guy in my PE class, and he's really sweet and very cute. He started flirting with me, so of course I flirted back but I found myself developing feelings for him. Then yesterday as I was leaving school, he ran up behind me and spanked me... I'm not sure if this is flirting or something more sexual; please help me understand!!
Girls, if anyone has done this to you, feel free to throw in your opinion.


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  • I know its inappropriate... but when a guy in that age range does something like that, its called "testing the waters". He wants to know how far he can go and get away with it. If you didn't like that he spanked you, then tell him and he will draw the line there... it you liked it and didn't mind, next time you see him, return the favor.
    (mind you, returning it may need to testing again)


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  • I don't know.. You can ask him

  • that's pretty sexual.
    he probably likes your butt. and thinks your hot.


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