Why he asked me if I had sex with my boyfriend?

Ok I met this guy at work a year ago, i know he likes me and I kinda like him too. Recently he told me he wants to have sex with me and asked f I had sex with my boyfriend, how often. Took me by surprise.
Why he asked me that? Any reasons? Thank you


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  • Wow, when it comes to being abrupt few questions can be more crude than this! Why not also give him your bank account number with the pin so you can be fully insulted!

    Someone who REALLY cared would ask what kind of movies you like, what music you enjoy, your favorite restaurants, where you like to shop, your favorite clothes, etc.

    This guy knows NONE of these things!

    I hate to be the naysayer here, but it's time for you to do some fishing in another pond.


    • Lol yeap I think so too! Thank you

    • Didn't want to sound mean but you deserve so much better. Keep on smiling and keep yourself out there. Better men will notice you. 😊

    • You are not mean, thanks for your advice very helpful :-)

  • He is tar getting you and trying to have sex with you. He asked you so you would think about it, or so that he could respond saying your boyfriend doesn't have sex with you enough.

    He's basically trying to get in your pants.

    • Not a good way though to ask that type of question. Very Awkward.

    • Sounds like the type of player guy to me, he plants the seed by mentioning sex and gets you thinking about it. Thats why he mentioned it. Rude or abrupt you are still thinking about it and you know he likes you, you like him.

      Shouldn't really be getting into a position like that with him if you want to stay loyal to your boyfriend.

    • True thanks!

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