Why'd he act like this?

He saw me yesterday smiled and said hi, and then when I brightened up and said hi loudly, he just awkwardly looked down, and walked away.

Why'd he do that? I always thought he had a tiny bit of a crush on me, I thought he'd stop and ask how I was doing or something.

But he's shy, so maybe it's just not his thing.

I saw him a few days ago and sort of tried to avoid him, I think he thinks I'm really weird lol


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  • If you like him or have a crush on him try to approach him, do a casual small talk and tell him you have to go. In that way he'll know it's fine to talk to you and that will give him confidence to talk to you in the future, also because you said a bit but went away, he would like to keep talking to you so the next time he will be the one that comes and starts a conversation

    • I don't like him, but I don't mind that he likes me.

      Is that selfish lol.

      I like him as a friend, maybe a tiny bit as a crush, but I don't want to date him, it bothers me thought hat he may have stopped liking me

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