When your boyfriend evades a question or acts kind of like a jerk, how do you respond? I tended to be passive but this just lead to resentment?

I've since broke up with him (went out about 3 months). But I was thinking is it normal to forget your question if someone responds with silence? Also, if I felt like he was being jerk, I usually didn't say anything cause I feared looking dramatic or didn't want to ruin the moment... Is that normal? Are my preferred responses too dramatic?

a) We were making out on the couch. I didn't realize he moved his head cause my eyes were closed, and I ended up kissing his nose. Normal response I think would be to laugh it off. But he frowned and asked me why I did that. I said because my eyes were closed and laughed it off. He frowned again a second later and asked me again. I wish I would have just got up and left. For f- sake, I was straddling him and he can't appreciate the moment.
b) Once I left his apartment at 1am-ish. He lives downtown and I had to park a block away. I asked if he could walk me to my car. He glances down at his shoes, which were slip-ons and didn't say anything. I let it go and kissed him goodbye, but it didn't make sense to me as he had already traipsed through the corridor and elevator and was now standing outside! I wish I would have said, Pshht, and just walked away.
c) On our 4th date or so, we were getting a drink at the pub and he asks me if I would ever consider a threesome. I thought this was really rude. This guy is a geek and shy, so I was thinking good luck getting one woman to sleep with you, let alone 2 at a time. He should be lucky that I am going out with him and enjoy that moment. Considering we had just starting dating, this is hardly something a guy should do to impress his date. I wish I would have said if you're trying to impress me, it's not working, and leave, considering I was already bored out my mind and he had been acting obnoxious. I did manage to shut him up by asking him if he would have a threesome with another guy.


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  • There's some people who just throw tantrums. He's them.


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