He's playfully saying "She Loves Me"?

I was in class the other day and with a guy, who I talk to quite a lot but I don't consider us to be close. Well he messes around a lot and always playfully says "fight me" and well he got really close when he said that and this girl standing next to us asked "Were you about to kiss her?". I don't know if he actually was or anything but after she asked that he sarcastically said, "Yeah I was gunna kiss her head." then walked away. Then we hadn't spoken the rest of the class mostly on my part ignoring him. Once the bell rang I waited for my friend to walk to our lockers and he was talking to someone else and purposely so I could hear he loudly said "-My Name- loves me". He repeated it several times. It was an awkward situation for me. Trying to play it off I guess I sarcastically said "Yeah, totally." and walked out. Anyone care to explain why a guy does this? Am I over thinking it and it really meant nothing? I don't want to lead anyone on. He usually doesn't act like this. A week or so ago I saw him with his girlfriend not sure if they are still together.


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  • He's young and dumb. Taking it to heart is worthless.


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