How to tell if he wants a friendship much less anything else?

How to tell? I'm afraid he is just being nice and see me as nothing but he's kinda shy so pretty hard to read. He will talk and laugh and touch sometimes while we talk, well when I go up to him. He will give me some of his time even though he tends to be a fairly busy guy or maybe he just likes to appear that way? I've read that shy guys will do that.. So I don't know. He won't tell me if he really wants to hang out or spend time or however you want to word it. He's older than me for a few years. (I'm 25, just) so any things to look for?


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  • There's really nothing else to do but ask.

    • Hmmmm... I tried that. He didn't really say either way.

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    • More like adults who can't make decisions...

    • Hahahaha!!

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  • You should ask him to hang out

    • I did. He didn't say yes or no.

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  • I would have answered but looks like you made your decision. ☺️

    • This was like a month ago.

    • Well I didn't go looking for the question. It was in the feed. I saw you picked your MH already. Excuse the f out of me.

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